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Plastic Wire Mesh

Plastic mesh ( also known as plastic flat mesh, plastic net ) of plastic raw materials in the extruder heating melt, through the extrusion into a number of holes and die special rotating head, molten plastic flows through the die opening pore formation of two shares of melt wire, due to head rotation, two strand of wire discontinuous converging at a point, to form a network, then cooling shaping into network.

It have the performances of wear-resisting,corrosion-resisting,fine toughness,it can instead of metal wire.

It is main used in oil,chemical industry, aquatic breed, back cushion of car, simmons mattress, air conditioner wire mesh, stop bure mesh,amd road bed mesh, etc.




  0.5m to 2m.

Hole shape

  Hexagonal, Diamond, Square Oblong etc.


  Normal size is 30m, 50m.we can do the sizes as per your request.




  Black, white, blue, green, yellow, orange and red etc.


  Wrapped with water proof paper and plastic film bag.
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